Camelot Pugs
Juergen "Jay" Ernst
659 Penn High Park Road
Jeannette, PA 15644
724 309 4317
Home of top quality, family raised AKC champion line and champion sired Pug and Havanese puppies

non commercial Kennel license


This questionnaire is not interactive. Please copy the following questions and paste them into your email. Please be straight forward. We appreciate your answers and we try to restrict our questions to the absolut necessary. No blood samples will be required but we are thinking about it :) All responses are strictly confidential: 
Have you had any contact with the breed before? What caught your interest in the breed, what are your expectations? What are your biggest concerns? 
Do you have a gender preference? If so, please elaborate why
Do you have a color preference?
What is your time frame for a possible adoption?
Do you intend to keep your puppy current on re-occuring vaccinations?

Is your puppy going to live in your house?

Do you leave your puppy unattended in your backyard?

If yes: Is your backyard fenced in?

Did you have dogs before, how long ago, and how many dogs are you currently keeping?
Do you have other animals?  
Do you plan on spaying/neutering your puppy? If no, why not?

Did you ever have to place an animal in an animal shelter?

If yes: What were the circumstances at the time

Did you ever loose an animal to an accident and if yes, what precautions did you take to avoid reoccurence?

Will your puppy be left in the house for extended periods of time while you are at work and will there be any company?

Do you travel frequently and who takes care of your puppy during times of absence?
Where are you located at and how far are you willing to travel?
Do you have children living with you? How many and what ages are they?
Please provide a phone number

Do you floss on a regular basis? Just kidding!!