Camelot Pugs
Juergen "Jay" Ernst
659 Penn High Park Road
Jeannette, PA 15644
724 309 4317
Home of top quality, family raised AKC champion line and champion sired Pug and Havanese puppies

non commercial Kennel license

Breeding Rights
Breeder Info/Full Registration
While our puppies are generally sold without breeding rights, they are also available with unlimited registration to qualified applicants with breeding and/or show intentions.
Please don't bother inquiring about a puppy with breeding rights or about a stud service, if your bitch or stud does not have either a champion pedigree or own achivements in the show ring, and/or did not have essential health testing and evaluation done, because the answer is NO. 

Unlike many reputable breeders who do not make their quality lines available to the general public for breeding purposes under any circumstances and may have honorable reasons for their restrictive policies, we firmly do believe that anybody with the intention to breed will breed regardless of any limitations. 

If those among us who are in possession of good lines, do not make them available, even more inferior lines are being bred by those who do not have any contacts or a reputation (yet) and while wild breeding can not be in the best interest of the breed, the further expansion of inferior lines certainly is not either! In keeping their lineages under lock and seal, the breeders with exquisite lines who frown upon the greenhorns (who we arrogantly consider "not worthy" of buying into our lines or question (in many cases rightfully so) the intentions, dedication, motivation and respectability of those who are rather new to breeding), actually unwittingly help in the decline of the breed.Therefore, I would like to make the case for more cooperation with newbies under certain provisions, of course.
Because the results of someone who does not know what they are doing and is breeding dogs that should never been bred, are worse than the results of someone who does not know what they are doing but is breeding good lines with a little help from an experienced breeder, we may as well help, instead of putting up hurdles that will not hold up anyway. It is therefore our policy to offer support and advice if you would like to become a responsible breeder, provided you have sufficient experience with the breed, and have done your homework, but I can't underscore enough that breeding is not for everybody and many facets of breeding are often overlooked.
We can not support spur-of-the-moment-breeders who are little prepared for breeding, birth giving and raising puppies and will not support first time breeders with inadequate breeding stock or with little background about the breed or inappropriate facilities.
No matter how much money you throw at me, I will not sell to breeders who handle more than two breeds, do not strive for best quality, have an inappropriate number of dogs, sell unlimited to anybody, import dogs with the sole intent of resale, or put financial aspects above breed standard, health, hygiene, care and socialization.

First male or female, champion lines: $3250 or $2000 with a puppy back agreement
Stud service available to approved and health tested bitches. Being found "healthy" by your vet is not good enough! I expect PDE testing to protect your buyers, recent brucellosis testing to protect my own stock and a general clean bill of health as well as conformity to the breed standard.